This article has two parts. The first is a step-by-step regime for finding the perfect dose of CBD to support better, healthier sleep. The second contains a matrix (a fancy word for table) with a breakdown of milligrams (mg) of CBD per milliliter (ml) based on the volume of your bottle.

Finding your perfect dose for sleep can definitely be tricky, so we recommend the following routine:

  1. 4 hours before bed: Drop 25mg under your tongue and hold it there for 1 - 2 minutes (60 - 120 seconds). Wait an hour.

  2. Take 12.5 - 25mg every 60 minutes until bedtime, depending on the effects of the first dose. If you're feeling the effects strongly, take 12.5mg; if not, take 25mg.

  3. If the doses above work for you and you're achieving blissful slumber, we did it! 🎉

  4. If the doses above didn't work for you, increase the starting dose by 10 - 25mg per night.

Before you know it, your body will be deeply relaxed and your mind calm and clear of any intrusive thoughts. Because they're consumed sublingually (under the tongue), it's a much more bioavailable way to consume cannabis and ensures the therapeutic cannabinoids are delivered straight to your bloodstream. 👌🏽

Not sure how many milligrams of CBD per ml are in your tincture? Get started with the chart below.

The chart is ranked by the total dose in your CBD tincture, starting with 300mg CBD tinctures up to 1200mg CBD tinctures.

How to use this chart:

  1. Identify the total amount of CBD in milligrams your tincture contains and find it in the middle column.

  2. Make sure the volume of the bottle in milliliters matches with the volume in the right column.

  3. The amount of CBD per milliliter in your CBD tincture is in the left column of the row identified in steps 1 and 2.

⚠️ This chart is best used with CBD-only products. For products containing THC, follow the detailed guidelines in our comprehensive dosing guide and start building your dosing regimen today.

Milligrams (mg) per milliliter (ml)

Total Dose (in mg)

Volume (in ml)



















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