It's that time of year again! While we're working extremely hard around the clock, we're taking some days off to spend with our family and loved ones during the holidays. đź’™

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  1. Which days are we off?

  2. Which days are we working?

  3. When is our customer support team working?

  4. Canada Post holiday schedule

We'll still be coming into the office from time to time to make sure you get the products when you expect them to, on time. Read on for our days off.

Which days are we off?

While we'll still be accepting orders, we won't be in the office to pack them up on these days:




23 - 25, 30 - 31

Which days are we working?

We'll be fulfilling orders on these days:




20 - 22, 27 - 29


Resuming on the 3rd

Our customer service team will be online to answer any questions on these dates:




20 - 31

Canada Post holiday schedule:



Christmas Day

December 25

Boxing Day

December 26

New Year's Day

January 1

* When a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it may be applied to the next business day. As such, post offices will be closed, and there will be no collection or delivery of mail.

Canada Post guidelines for sending your holiday cards and packages

We encourage anyone sending a parcel or a card to friends or loved ones this holiday to do so as early as possible.

That’s because Canadian shopping habits have dramatically and permanently shifted in response to COVID-19, resulting in a year of significant parcel volumes.

Given the high volumes and the important safety measures in place throughout our network to protect Canadians and our employees, we have adjusted our expected delivery times. Canada Post will continue to put the safety of our employees and the people we serve first as we respond to the significant holiday parcel demand. Read Canada Post's latest updates.

View service alerts for the full list of countries that are currently impacted by service disruptions.

When to send packages within Canada.

Domestic parcels


Regular Parcel™

British Columbia

December 18

December 18

Alberta, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavit, Saskatchewan, and Yukon

December 18*

December 14-16*

New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec

December 17*

December 9-15*

As per the Canada Post website:

Anticipated Holiday mailing dates as of Dec 16th - Subject to change without notice.
On-time delivery guarantees are currently suspended.

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